Ag-Report is currently being replaced with a brand new system that is expected to be opened up late March 2019.

Please come back around that time.

What is Ag-Report?

Designed for Crop Consultants, Ag-Report is a two-part information system. It is a combination of a web application, where data can be reviewed and assembled in to reports for growers, and a mobile application, allowing for scouts to collect pest information and check for other field conditions using GPS and pictures. The mobile application uploads collected field data to the web application for further review and processing before delivering a report to customers.

The web application is an enterprise-level system supporting large data sets, role-based access controls, customizable data sets, and data import/export controls, among many other features.

The mobile application is for Android and iOS devices allowing for offline data collection, GPS tagged conditions, attaching captioned pictures to sites, and data syncing field data to the web application.


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